About Nonymoor

A campaign by nonymmor to celebrate the house heritage

Over the decade the designer brand Nonymoor always explore the contrasts between heritage and modernity with a free-spirited attitude. Tailoring expands on directional looks, emphasizing ease and a utilitarian allure. Building on the idea of something different and still familiar. All Nonymoor designer wears has a distinctive design and feeling which makes it a diverse outfit whether for an event or the street — the designer mixes ideas and finishes: tailored pair with traditional luxury fabrics mingle with technical materials and artistic approach. A new hardware development, the Palm tree leaves pattern, gives this season’s tailored pieces an elevated feel.

Creative director Nonymoor  pictures the Nonymoor  man relaxing in an indulging setting after a strenuous workout as a starting point for his collections. Informed by his architectural background as well as his taste for the travel-and-party lifestyle, he injects a sense of boldness and extravagance into every garment. Named after the Moroccan city, the 2021 International Woolmark Prize finalist-placed label comprises an energising selection of tailored shirts and trousers and leisurewear-inspired garments juxtaposing pastel tones with captivating patterns.

For 2023 Timeless collection Nonymoor Creative Director @nonymoor continues to assert a new elegance for men. Drawing inspiration from archives, this season’s lineup takes Nonymoor signatures into fresh territory, revisiting draping techniques and bringing a fresh mix of materials to relaxed luxury essentials.

The Nigeria based designer Nonymoor Bespoke is  one of the avant-garde designer championing an experimental approach to wardrobe staples. From unconventional cuts and unorthodox textures, the Nigeria label remains forward-thinking in its reinterpretations of menswear classics and has  become a style that transcends the seasons. One of our biggest client is one and only Scott billions … he has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional menswear with our brand through his brooding, directional style.

The Nonymoor menswear designer brand continues to explore the tension and contrast between Nonymoor’s tailoring heritage and the aesthetics, Coupled with impeccable designs The creative director of Nonymoor has established for the House.

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