Creative Director for Nonymoor continues to assert a new masculine elegance, reviving the allure of Nonymoor Gentleman and fusing its elegance, luxury and formality with one of-the-moment essentials like kaftan. Key tailored pieces include a white stones kaftan that channels Nonymoor heritage. 
Elegance as an expression of individuality. A free-spirited sophistication. For the 2023 Timeless collection, Nonymoor examines the relationship between a new culture of Traditional dressing and the codes of the classic gentleman’s wardrobe. Drawing on his own generational experience, Artistic Director @nonymoor observes in the spirit of the times a re-contextualization of the archetypes of smartness: a reset perception of the well-tailored silhouette devoid of the preordained virtues of the past.

The Collection

The collection is a point of departure, its structure and details borrowed as a base to transform an entire stable of menswear – kaftan, detailed white stones kaftan. Reconsidered construction, re-constructed. Beginning with simplicity, the collection proposes a notion of expansion, amplification of an idea – a paradox between silhouette and materiality. The ultimate aim is a constant awareness of the body within, and its liberation.
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